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Orange Magic

Multi-Purpose Cleaner & Degreaser
One of the toughest cleaning jobs in and around the home is greasy and grimy dirt. Orange Magic is one product especially designed to tackle these jobs effectively, economically, and safely.
Orange Magic gets its grease fighting power from limonene; a natural cleaner and solvent that is made from orange peels or pine trees. Limonene is also very effective in removing other stains like crayon, lipstick, oil, tar, blood, adhesives and more! It can also be used as a non-toxic pesticide!!!

Orange Magic is a concentrated product with no added water and contains 100% active ingredients. Many commercially concentrated cleaner/degreaser products contain up to 50% water; ready-to-use formulations contain up to 98% water!

Orange Magic is formulated to be biodegradable, non-toxic, non-caustic, and non-abrasive. That means that it is safer to use and will not harm people or the environment. It smells nice, too; consumers love the gentle orange fragrance.

Customer testimonials
"...The back splash on my stove where the clock and timer are were all greasy, and I could never get them as clean as I wanted to, but the Orange 100 got it clean with a single wipe down. I LOVE this stuff..."

Dilute with the appropriate amount of water depending on the application. This is where ORANGE MAGIC is really economical because for most general purpose light to medium uses (floors, kitchen and other work surfaces, carpets, car wash, etc.) only one to two ounces of cleaner per gallon of water is needed. The solution may be applied to surface with a rag or sponge, or sprayed onto the surface with a suitable trigger sprayer. For heavy duty applications (grease, blood, crayon, BBQ grills, etc.) use dilutions of up to 4 ounces per quart of water. Works great on stubborn carpet stains, too!

Cleaning Tips
Limonene products cannot be used on styrene, natural rubber, or lacquer finishes. If there is any question as to whether the surface may be harmed, first clean a small test area. For stubborn stains and soils please let the cleaning solution sit on the surface several minutes. After cleaning rinse surface with cold water.

Use Orange Magic as an insecticide. Orange Magic acts as a non-toxic insecticide. It can be safely used around children and food preparation areas. The active ingredient d-Limonene destroys the protective wax coating on the insects' exoskeleton, causing them to suffocate and die on contact. The citrus smell repels insects. It's been proven to work on ants, aphids, mealbugs, gnats, silverfish, roaches, and fleas.

Exposure shortens the effects of Orange Magic as a repellent. It works best to repel insects in cracks and crevices. If the insects return, find the source of the infestation and reapply Orange Magic. Orange Magic can be safely applied to cabinets, window frames, pantries, doorways, garbage cans, cracks, crevices, pet bedding, around buildings, behind appliances, and on ant hills.

Ingredients: limonene, mild surfactants

Sizes Available: 16 ounces, 1 quart (32 ounces), 1 gallon
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